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Clues to Downtown New York's Past
Frank Mastropolo

Winner, Independent
Publishers Book Awards


S. Beckenstein, 130 Orchard Street

"Ghost signs remind us of long-gone times, reminding us all that this (our time) too shall pass. In capturing and preserving these images, Frank Mastropolo has created an invaluable documentation of New York's history before it (literally) fades away. A must-buy for any history buff!"—Kevin Jennings, President, Lower East Side Tenement Museum


"New York’s rich history of its changing neighborhoods is well-documented, but what Mastropolo has done is take a new twist. By using the backdrop of ghost signs—those of the past and those remaining—he has created a unique and more personalized storyline street by street, business by business. His book can be enjoyed by many audiences."—Tod Swormstedt, Founder, American Sign Museum


"Mastropolo treats his oft-forgotten subjects with wonder and respect. This book is a charming tribute to New York's built fabric, and one that nurtures the deeply human story at the heart of all our city's historic streets."—Chelsea Dowell, Director of Public Engagement, Museum at Eldridge Street




"Ghost Signs feeds the yearning all New Yorkers share to leave our mark on this ever-changing metropolis, a shout to the future that we were here. If you've ever squinted up at a fading message from the past, pick up this book. Frank Mastropolo has solved their mysteries for us."—Dean Karayanis, The History Author Show, iHeart Radio


"Ghost Signs is a thrilling visual tour of the iconic nineteenth and early twentieth century signs hiding in plain sight above New York's doorways, underfoot on sidewalks, and on building facades. Mastropolo brings these signs out of the shadows and provides historical context that will charm and fascinate anyone interested in peeling back the layers of the contemporary city."—Esther Crain, author of The Gilded Age in New York, 1870-1910 and founder of Ephemeral New York


McGovern's Bar, 305 Spring Street

Music: Interstellar Space by John Bartmann


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